Jeremiah 6:16

16 This is what the Lord says:
“Stop at the crossroads and look around.
    Ask for the old, godly way, and walk in it.
Travel its path, and you will find rest for your souls...

A Holy Ghost Filled, Non-Denominational Church
10789 Old Halls Ferry Road  -  Ferguson, MO  - 63136

(near the intersection of Old & New Halls Ferry Roads)

               Biography of Pastor Erick F. Bland


The Cathedral at the Crossroads church family prayed for a Pastor that was led by the Holy Spirit to preach and teach the Gospel and expound upon the Word of God. One who had direction, vision and the leadership skills necessary to promote growth in the church. They prayed that he be “a people person” that was committed to outreach. He also should be able to share in the full-time administration, leadership, and nurturing duties of the ministry.  The prayers of the church were answered; June 2007 God provided the  “Right Man for the Job".   Rev. Erick Bland received his basic education in the St. Louis Public Schools.  For Continuing Education, he chose the Mt. Beulah M.B. Church Courses in Hermeneutics and Homiletics with an additional special course through Hospice of Missouri, Inc.

He has served in the following capacities:

Member - State Missionary Progressive Missionary Baptist Association

President - Home Mission Board Congress of Christian Education

Member - St. Louis Progressive District Association 

Member - Congress of Christian Education St. Louis

Member - Progressive District Association

Member - Mount Beulah M.B. Church Layman Committee

Instructor -  Drug and Rehab Program 

Instructor- Baptist Training Unit and Sunday School

Chairperson - Sunday School

Outreach Committee in his community.


Rev. Erick Bland progressively grew into a leadership role as he undertook the journey towards becoming a Pastor.  He toiled, struggled, sacrificed, experienced trials and disappointments but “Nevertheless” remained steadfast and un-moveable in his quest to wait on the Lord.  Rev. Bland is truly a friend.  He is down to earth and easy to talk with.  He has a way of making a person feel loved and worthwhile and that in the body of Christ they are special someone’s.  His faith has never wavered and his prayer for God to fix him certainly did not go unheard.  He is to be applauded for his perseverance and endurance in allowing God to order his steps.  


Rev. Bland has been married to LaVerne Boone-Bland for 31 years; each has one child. Sister LaVerne Boone-Bland was formally educated in the St. Louis Public School System.  Her latest accomplishments: completion of the study of Interpreting for the Deaf and Hearing Impaired,  and she has taught American Sign Language at many churches throughout the St. Louis area.  She is also certified to work with Hospice,  serves on the Condolence Board in her community, and is a Board Member for Anthem Medical.  Sis. Bland works with the Youth, Deaconesses, Minister’s Wives, the Health Unit and is a Floral Designer. 


The multitude of other talents that God has given her are not buried, they have multiplied.  Sister Bland is incredibly well rounded and exemplifies the ideal Christian Woman.

         8th Pastoral Anniversary        Celebration

Opening Praise & Worship

Procession & Introduction of Pastor Bland & First Lady Bland

CATC Choir singing: I Almost Let Go; War

Introduction of Pastor Lee Harden; Oak Grove Choir Singing:
I Know a Man; Beginning of Sermon entitled:
Preaching Good News!

Sermon Continued

Sermon Continued

Remarks & Testimonials

Closing Remarks by Pastor Bland & First Lady Bland

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